Gode Wind 2 - Industriens Pension

The offshore wind farm Gode Wind II comprise of 42 turbines with a total capacity of 252 MW and provides 260,000 households with renewable energy.

Asset classes
• Direct infrastructure investment

Value in US dollars
• USD 145 mil.

Geographic location
• Gode Wind II wind farm is located in the North Sea approximately 45 km off the German coast.

Green Dimension(s):
• Clean Energy Production

Expected Maturity
• -

• Direct investment together with several partners including AIP Management and Ørsted

Form of Funding
• Financed primarily with equity

Climate Investment Coalition Secretariat

The Climate Investment Summit is organised by the Climate Investment Coalition founded by The Danish Government, Institutional 

Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), Insurance & Pension Denmark and World Climate Foundation.