UK Solar - PFA

Acquisition of 6 UK solar parks with a combined capacity of 30 MW.

One of the solar parks are placed on a Nissan factory site and provides clean energy to the production of Nissans electric cars. The other 5 solar parks deliver clean energy to the local grid.
All 6 parks are fully operational.

Asset classes
• Direct investment

Value in US dollars
• 45 mio.

Geographic location
• UK

Green Dimension(s):
• Clean Energy Production

Expected Maturity
• 25 years

• The parks are fully owned by PFA.
• The parks were developed and constructed by European Energy

Form of Funding
• Equity

Henrik Nøhr Poulsen
Managing Director – Global Strategic Partnerships

Climate Investment Coalition Secretariat

The Climate Investment Summit is organised by the Climate Investment Coalition founded by The Danish Government, Institutional 

Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), Insurance & Pension Denmark and World Climate Foundation.