Working Tracks on the Road to COP27 and COP28

The Climate Investment Coalition has four key working tracks that outline its key activities and objectives on its investment roadmap to COP27 and COP28.

Mobilise & Report on Climate Investments Globally

Strategic outreach to institutional investors including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, development funds and family offices internationally with an aim to mobilise significant financial commitments towards climate solution investments by 2030.

Provide transparent reporting on financial commitments and investments made, for global investors and policy makers to scale effective climate investments in support of Paris Agreement goals.

Accelerate Green Investments in Emerging Markets & Developing Economies

Mobilise and allocate commitments from institutional investors specifically towards green and climate investments in emerging and developing markets with support from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Accelerate the deployment of climate capital in emerging markets by fostering partnerships and engagement opportunities between key investment platforms, the public sector and investors.

Raise vital awareness and understanding of successful policy and green investment strategies to support overcoming private finance barriers.

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Accelerate Innovative Deployment of Climate Capital Through Best Practice

Models and Partnerships

Build global partnerships to promote investments and deployment of capital in climate solutions, clean energy and new climate technology

Highlight global best practices in climate solution investments in both emerging markets and developed markets, to support the acceleration of new green business models, public-private partnerships and the deployment of climate capital.

Create Cross-Sector Investment Partnerships through Stakeholder Convening

Lead an investment roadmap to COP27 and COP28 providing a crucial platform for the Climate Investment Coalition’s leading network of institutional investors and partners to present announcements, engage across sectors and present best practice green investment models.