The Climate Investment Coalition will act as a primary force in the world for mobilising financial commitments towards green investments for the coming decade





Groundbreaking announcement at the Climate Investment Summit

At the Climate Investment Summit 2020, Peter Kjærgaard, Head of Nykredit Wealth Management, Chairman of The Danish Investment Association announced an ambitious commitment to support private Danish citizens’ investments in the green transition. Finance Denmark, an association for banks, mortgage institutions, asset management, securities trading and and investment funds in Denmark, has declared that by 2030, C02 emissions from investment funds must be 75% below the emissions of the world equity index (MSCI ACWI) in 2020.

Danes have invested $160 million in funds offered by members of Finance Denmark. As a result of this target, a considerable portion of funds available to Danish citizens now can be invested in companies that are currently (or in the process of becoming) green.

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The Nordic Prime Ministers back investment mobilisation from institutional investors in green recovery and climate action

Nordic Prime Ministers, at an N8 meeting in October, chaired by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, announced their intent to encourage Nordic institutional investors to scale-up green finance and investments by 2030. The joint declaration stressed the urgency for mobilising private green investments and pointed to the interdependency of the public and private sector in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. 


Appearing at the meeting, Nordic pension fund CEO’s also announced their aim to mobilise collective commitments towards green investments by 2030. Watch the video below to hear from pension funds CEO’s on the importance of public-private partnerships to mobilise green investments.

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USD 50 billion announced by Danish pension funds in Sept 2019 in New York

Danish pension funds pledge to invest more than $50 billion in green assets over the next decade to fight climate change, as part of Denmark’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% in 2030. This conditional commitment is expected to represent 10% of assets under management by 2030.

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