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2021 Announcements
- Nordic & UK   

At COP26 in Glasgow, a collective financial commitment of US$130 billion was announced by CEOs of Nordic and UK pension funds, to be invested in clean energy and climate investments by 2030. As part of this commitment, pension funds will also report annually on the progress of their climate investments. 


The Climate Investment Coalition (CIC) is pleased to communicate this commitment from asset owners in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the UK, in an aim to contribute to increasing global climate ambition and spur the global uptake of climate investments for the green transition by 2030. In addition, a pension fund from Greenland has declared its support.

Committing Nordic & UK Pension Funds 2019-2021

AkademikerPension   |    Alm. Brand   |   Almenni Pension Fund   |   AP Pension   |   ATP   |   Bank Employees’ Pension Fund   |   Birta Pension Fund   |   Brú Pension Fund   |   Danica Pension   |   Environment Agency Pension Fund   |  Festa Pension Fund   |   Frjálsi Pension Fund   |   Gildi Pension Fund   |   Greater Manchester Pension Fund   | Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company   |   Industriens Pension   |   KLP   |   Lærernes Pension   |   Lífsverk Pension Fund   |   Lív Group   |   LSR - Icelandic Pension Fund for State Employees   |   Merseyside Pension Fund   |   NEST Corporation   |   Norli Pension   |   P+   |   PBU   |   PenSam   |   PensionDanmark  |   Pension Fund of Commerce   |   PFA   |    PKA   |   Sampension   |   Skandia  |   SL The General Pension Fund   |   SPP Pension & Försäkring AB   |   Stapi Pension Fund   |   Storebrand Group   |   The Pension Fund for Reykjavík City Employees   |   TopDanmark   |   Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company   |   Velliv

Nordic Heads of Government and State present at the announcement of US$130 billion climate commitments by 2030 at COP26

Commitments for Climate Investment by 2030

The US$130 billion committed towards climate solution investments by 2030 is made by leading covers pledges from Danish, Nordic and UK asset owners. A key criterion for membership of the Coalition is the annual reporting to ensure that the financial commitments will be converted into actual investments. The reporting done until now reveals strong progress. 


Watch the High-Level Announcement from COP26

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