The Global Leading Event for Climate Investments, Green Business Models and Public-Private Partnerships

London, UK  |  28 June 2022

- Alongside London Climate Action Week

 Climate Investment Summit 2022 is a leading summit aimed at increasing investments in climate by 2030

- built on the experience of practitioners, best practice business models and cross-sector collaboration.


It’s the global leading event for climate investments, green business models and public-private partnerships, aiming to strengthen the global, cross-sector climate agenda and accelerate concrete climate finance action in 2022 and beyond. This year, it will take place on 28 June at the London Stock Exchange along with a fully digital event, and is a flagship event of London Climate Action Week.

Key Strengths of Climate Investment Summit


Network of Over 40 Pension Funds Actively Engaged in Climate Finance


Announcing Commitments

& Climate Finance

Action Plans


Unique Business-Oriented Focus for 2025-2030 Climate Targets


Accelerating Green Investments Globally


Best Practice Green Finance & Investment Models


Creating Impact Through Public-Private Partnerships