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The Global Front-Running Event for Climate Investments, Green Business Models & Public-Private Partnerships

Climate Investment Summit is a globally renowned summit that aims at increasing investments in climate by 2030 - built on the experience of practitioners, best practice business models and cross-sector collaboration.

Climate Investment Summit 2023 took place on 28 June at the iconic London Stock Exchange and held as a high-level event as a flagship event of London Climate Action Week.

This year’s Climate Investment Summit took a practical, business-oriented approach to the acceleration and deployment of investments in clean energy and climate solutions globally in this decade.

Key Focus Areas

The work of the Climate Investment Coalition continues on an international scale.

Network of International Investors Actively Engaged in Climate Finance
Announcing Commitments
& Climate Finance
Action Plans
Unique Business-Oriented Focus for 2025-2030 Climate Targets
Accelerating Green Investments Globally
Best Practice Green Finance & Investment Models
Creating Impact Through Public-Private Partnerships

Who Attends

Climate Investment Summit convenes high-profiled public and private sector stakeholders from its leading international network in climate finance and net-zero transition, such as:

Asset Managers

Including investment banks, infrastructure funds and other financial institutions representing public & private finance

Asset Owners

Including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, venture funds, foundations & other investors


Including project developers, energy companies and utilities & technology providers

International Organisations

Global initiatives & alliances representing public and private interests

Government Representatives

From the state, regional and local level & their associated bodies

Partners of Climate Investment Summit 2023

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