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Little Bear & Prospero - PKA

In 2020, PKA invested DKK 1.7 billion in two solar parks in California and Texas: Little Bear and Prospero.

The solar parks have a total capacity of 588MW with an area equivalent to over 1,300 football fields. In total, the parks are expected to generate electricity corresponding to the annual consumption of 280,000 Danish homes.

PKA and PenSam have 50% of the ownership of the parks. PKA accounts for 76.9% of the investment and PenSam's share is 23.1%.

Asset classes
• Green energy infrastructure

Value in US dollars
• USD 245 million

Geographic location
• Andrews County, Texas, USA
• Fresno County, Californien, USA

Green Dimension(s):
• Clean Energy Production

Expected Maturity
• 2055

• Longroad Energy
• Facebook
• US Bank

Form of Funding
• Equity and term loan

Dewi Dylander
Deputy Executive Director, Head of Sustainable Investments (ESG)

Little Bear & Prospero - PKA
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