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Hornsea 1 Offshore wind farm - PFA

The Hornsea 1 offshore wind farm will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world. Once officially opened in 2020, it will produce enough energy to power over 1 million homes.

With a capacity of 1.2 gigawatts (GW), Hornsea One will be the world's first offshore wind farm to exceed 1 GW in capacity.

Located off the Yorkshire coast, Hornsea One will span a huge area of approximately 407 square kilometres, which is over five times the size of the city of Hull. The offshore wind farm will use 7 megawatt (MW) wind turbines, with each one 190 metres tall – larger than the Gherkin building in London.

Asset classes
• Direct investment - loan

Value in US dollars
• Mezzanine loan provided by PFA: 320 mio. USD

Geographic location
• UK

Green Dimension(s):
• Clean Energy Production

Expected Maturity
• Loan up to 18 years

• Hornsea 1 is a joint venture between Ørsted and Global Infrastructure Parthers.
• PFA is the sole provider of a mezzanine loan to Global Infrastructure Partners

Form of Funding
• Mezzanine loan

Henrik Nøhr Poulsen
Managing Director – Global Strategic Partnerships

Hornsea 1 Offshore wind farm - PFA
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