The Climate Investment Coalition is closely following all required guidelines from WHO and relevant health authorities to guarantee the health and safety of our community. We endeavour to continue to work together so that ongoing changes bring forward opportunities for the world to transition to a green economy and a resilient and safe planet for all.

Creating an impact on the climate emergency by mobilising global green investments this decade to accelerate climate action and green economic pandemic-recovery

The Climate Investment Coalition is impacting the decade of climate action by mobilising significant private sector funding into clean energy and climate investments in order to raise the global ambition required for the world to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. It aims to accelerate green investments in global financial responses in order to rebuild pandemic-affected regional economies through resilient and ambitious green stimulus plans and, kickstart post-COVID-19 economies with sustainable and green agendas.


 Impact the real economy by mobilising financial commitments towards green projects globally by 2030


Tracking the allocation & use of commitments to ensure their impact on the real economy


Influencing the global climate finance agenda through best practice business models, enabling framework conditions & strategies for climate finance & investing  


A Roadmap of key digital events & milestones leading to COP26 in Glasgow 


The Climate Investment Coalition builds on the successful work delivered at the 2019 UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit. At the Summit - Denmark co-led the Energy Transition Track, and the Danish pension funds announced a commitment of USD 50 billion towards clean energy and climate-related investments, to be applied with the required framework conditions from 2020 to 2030.


This achievement was achieved through a public-private collaboration between the Government of Denmark, Insurance and Pension Denmark - and the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change (IIGCC). This partnership will now continue with a clear focus on generating critical international climate investment commitments in the green transition and climate projects to positively impact the climate crisis and promote post-pandemic economic recoveries that ensure climate remains at the forefront of the global agenda and prioritises a just and green energy transition.

Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities in Denmark 

"The political response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic must reap the synergies between job creation and climate action. Huge amounts of money will be mobilised to boost our economies, and we must seize that as an opportunity to tip the scales from black to green. Institutional investors will play a key role in making the recovery a green one"

Happening in 2020 - 2021

UN General Assembly, Climate Week NYC

September 2020


Digital event supporting the UN climate action agenda including increased investments in emerging and developing markets and achieving the SDG's. 

Climate Investment Summit

November 3-4, 2020

Digital and live event with a focus on accelerating green investments in global economic recovery by showcasing global best practice business models and enabling framework conditions.

London Climate Action Week

November 2020

Digital event supporting global ambition towards COP26 and ensuring a unified public-private sector effort towards global green investments and progress on climate solutions from an energy and finance perspective.


November 7-8, 2021, Glasgow, UK


The Climate Investment Coalition will be presenting key financial and policy announcements, to support raising global climate ambition at a pivotal COP26.

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Past Milestones

USD 50 billion announced by Danish pension funds in Sept 2019 in New York


From left to right:

Peter Damgaard Jensen, Chair IIGCC;

Torben Möger Pedersen, Vice Chair, Insurance & Pension Denmark, and CEO, PensionDenmark;

Torsten Fels, CEO, PenSam;

H.E. Ms. Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark;

Gerard Bergsma, Trustee and Member of the Investment Committee, PFZW;
Henrik Nøhr Poulsen, Managing Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, PFA; 
Thomas DiNapoli, State Comptroller, New York State Common Retirement Fund. 


​The Climate Investment Coalition impacts the global climate agenda by mobilising critical financial commitments, connecting public and private stakeholders, and sharing best practice business models and framework conditions to spur global climate action and promote green economic regeneration strategies for a post-pandemic economic recovery. 


The Coalition is proactively mobilising significant global green investments to be invested in the next decade, supported by practical best practice models to ensure systemic impact towards global climate goals. 

Mobilise significant financial commitments for investing in the energy transition and climate projects from 2020 to 2030
Develop and distribute best-practice business and finance models for the public and private sector
Share and showcase successful examples of enabling regulatory frameworks and investment models
Provide a strategic roadmap for announcements, initiatives, and strategic public-private partnerships
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"The Danish insurance and pension industry support the Paris Agreement to keep the global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celcius, preferably 1.5 degrees. Institutional investors can play an important role in the green transition by financing green investments, given suitable framework conditions. Through the activities of the Climate Investment Coalition, the Danish pension industry will share its experiences in good green investment practices and framework conditions to promote the green transition internationally"


Deputy Chief Executive at Insurance & Pension Denmark, Jan V. Hansen 


Climate Investment Coalition

Achieving global climate goals will require trillions of dollars to be invested before 2030, necessitating significant mobilisation of private finance guided by smart government policies.


There is also a growing need, now more than ever, to accelerate green investments in global financial responses in order to rebuild pandemic-battered regional economies through resilient and ambitious green agendas.

From 2010 to 2019 Danish pension funds committed USD 17 billion towards global green investments, and in 2019 at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, Danish pension funds committed USD 50 billion towards green investments between 2020 and 2030, to be applied with the required framework conditions. Selected international institutional investors attending this pivotal announcement also expressed their interest in building on this momentum. 

The Climate Investment Coalition has grown out of this successful announcement, as a public-private sector initiative established by the Danish Government, the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), Insurance & Pension Denmark, and World Climate Foundation.

Best Practice Models

The Climate Investment Coalition is gathering best practice business and finance models from internationally renowned institutional investors and project developers, to inspire and showcase successful examples of proven climate investments. 

Roadmap to COP26

The Roadmap of digital and live events will connect the public and private sectors, build momentum towards climate action and increase investments as it leads to COP26 in Glasgow.

Apr 30, 2020


Council of Ministers


In Copenhagen




Sep, 2020

UN General Assembly, Climate Week


In New York


Nov 3-4, 2020

In Copenhagen

Nov, 2020





In London

Nov 7-8, 2021


In Glasgow 

Pledge Tracker

The Pledge Tracker will monitor commitments (based on reported numbers), the allocation and use of commitments towards 2030, and actual investments from commitments. The tracker will further help develop thought leadership and definition on pledge making, tracking and allocation of funds for investors and governments to guide and continue committing towards clean energy investments.


Climate Investment Coalition Secretariat

The Climate Investment Summit is organised by the Climate Investment Coalition founded by The Danish Government, Institutional 

Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC), Insurance & Pension Denmark and World Climate Foundation.