The Climate Investment Coalition works to accelerate climate action and a green recovery to help meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and the net-zero transition by mobilising investments for clean energy and climate by 2030. 

In 2021, the Climate Investment Coalition’s roadmap to COP26 will convene leading institutional investors, governments and other stakeholders in climate finance to help mobilise financial commitments and solutions in green investments to reach 2030 climate targets and support the net-zero transition.

Key focus areas in 2021

Investment Roadmap to COP26

Engage with governments, investors, business and civil society to mobilise climate finance and solutions in green investments to reach 2030 climate targets and support the net-zero transition.

Climate Investment Coalition - The Road to COP26


Happening in 2021


The Coalition aims to engage the public and private sector to accelerate the short-to-medium-term investments needed to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and net-zero transition.





 Impacts the real economy by mobilising financial investments towards green projects globally by 2030

Pledge Tracker

Tracks the allocation & use of commitments to ensure their impact on the real economy




Influences the global climate finance agenda through best practice business models, enabling framework conditions & strategies for climate finance & investing  

Roadmap to 

A Roadmap of key digital events & milestones leading to COP26 in Glasgow and beyond 

Best Practice

Share & inspire successful models in green business, finance and policy to scale best practices globally

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In 2020, the Climate Investment Coalition engaged with Nordic, European and UK governments and institutional investors to increase green investments to achieve the net-zero transition. A process to mobilise commitments in the Nordics was launched in October 2020 together with Nordic pension fund CEOs at a Prime Minister’s meeting (N8) where Nordic leaders also announced their intent to encourage Nordic institutional investors to scale-up green finance and investments towards 2030. The Climate Investment Coalition was established on the back of Danish pension funds’ 2019 conditional commitment of USD 50 billion towards clean energy and climate-related investments by 2030, announced at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit, by the Government of Denmark; Insurance and Pension Denmark; the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) and World Climate Foundation. 

Social Media Updates

Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities in Denmark 

"The political response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic must reap the synergies between job creation and climate action. Huge amounts of money will be mobilised to boost our economies, and we must seize that as an opportunity to tip the scales from black to green. Institutional investors will play a key role in making the recovery a green one"

"The Danish insurance and pension industry support the Paris Agreement to keep the global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celcius, preferably 1.5 degrees. Institutional investors can play an important role in the green transition by financing green investments, given suitable framework conditions. Through the activities of the Climate Investment Coalition, the Danish pension industry will share its experiences in good green investment practices and framework conditions to promote the green transition internationally"


Deputy Chief Executive at Insurance & Pension Denmark, Jan V. Hansen