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The Climate Investment Coalition will act as a primary force in the world for mobilising financial commitments towards green investments for the coming decade

Annual Reporting on Commitments

The Climate Investment Coalition coordinates the reporting of commitments (based on reported numbers), the allocation and use of commitments towards 2030, and actual investments from commitments. This reporting will further help develop thought leadership and definition on commitments and allocation of funds for investors and governments to guide and continue committing towards clean energy and climate solution investments.




First year tracking of the Danish pension fund commitment towards USD50 billion in green investments by 2030

Insurance & Pension Denmark CEO, Ken Damsgaard reported at the Climate Investment Summit 2020, that Danish pension funds have invested $8 billion in green projects since the 2019 Climate Action Summit in New York. This far exceeds earlier expectations in a year marked by a pandemic and financial uncertainty. If this pace continues, Danish pension funds will reach their $50 billion green investment target three years ahead of schedule.

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